Pay Per Trip

What is the eligibility criteria for purchasing the policy?

  • Age at time of opting-in should be between 18-45 years
  • The customer should be an active Ola customer where active means at least one ride taken in the last 3 months
  • Remain opted in for the Life Protect Package by agreeing to good health declaration and T&C’s

What contingency does the product provide protection against?

  • The plan provides protection against death due to any reason except suicide and critical diseases as mentioned in Goof Health Declaration

What is the duration of COI?

  • 1 month (first date of the month to the last date of the month)

What is the Sum Assured for Death Benefit Cover?

  • Life Cover is INR 50,000 per policy. The customer can buy up to 20 policies in a month with maximum sum assured of 10 Lac

What are the pay-out options available under the policy?

  • Lump sum pay-out will be done at the time of processing valid claims

Where do I find my COI?

  • Certification Of Insurance/policy copy will be shared with the customer every month with the cover letter defining the summary of policies bought or the customer can visit your rides -> ride summary -> email my policy

Where can I update my nominee?

  • Customer can register/update your nominee details in the “My Policies” Section under “Insurance” dashboard section on the Ola app

Where can I communicate for a claim?

  • For claims or changes in policy details please email your queries to group.service@indiafirstlife.com and Olainsurehelp@olacabs.com

What details can I change and how can I change these details with Ola and the insurer?

  • Customers can update their name, age, nominee, DOB with the insurer and Ola by sharing a mail to group.service@indiafirstlife.com and Olainsurehelp@olacabs.com. All subsequent COIs will reflect the changes. Subject to the agreed T&C’s

What do we mean by active COIs?

  • Active COI refers to the amount for which the customer is covered for the shared time duration

What can I do to keep the COIs active?

  • To ensure the continuity of coverage under every COI issued, the eligible customer would have to ensure to continue to take as many rides

What happens when the no. of my rides increases in the subsequent months?

  • It would lead to additional coverage compared to the previous month by way of issuance of corresponding number of additional coverage in the new COI in the subsequent month

What happens when the no. of my rides decrease in the subsequent months?

  • It would lead to reduction of coverage in the subsequent month compared to the previous month by way of termination of corresponding coverage in new COI in the subsequent month

What happens to coverage if I do not take any rides in any month?

  • All COIs will terminate if a customer ceases to be eligible at any point in time. The customer can enter the master policy again subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria and the coverage in this case will start afresh
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